Serial monitor

Usable serial monitor is one of most important features of this project.

Serial monitor

Port selector

Port selector control is shared between serial monitor and main cuwire panel. It allows to see:

  • Arduino board name (if board have native USB connection)
  • USB <=> UART manufacturer name (more descriptive than just a port names)

Automatic baud selection

If sketch contains code with command, then baudrate automatically selected after binary upload

Marks for connect, disconnect and at any time when user wants

This feature helps me very much when watching program output in Apple's

Port connection will be terminated before sketch upload

If you have serial monitor connected before sketch upload connection will be terminated so your upload won't fail. In future you will have preference to control this behaviour.

Serial port implementation in main brackets window is dangerous. If you have port connected and receive big amounts of data then you can hit memory limits. To avoid this, serial monitor is implemented in separate process. Story about this.