IDE features

Inline editor at cursor position — use Control+E (Cmd+E on Mac)


Symbol navigation for current file

Symbol navigation

Code build features -> see at cuwire wiki

Multiple cursors — use Control+B (Cmd+B on Mac)


Serial port monitor

Serial monitor

board images

  • Compilation and Upload
  • Board images
  • Multiple sketches in one project

You'll get a gialog with sketch selection if you have more than one sketch in current project. If you're editing file within sketch folder, this sketch will be automatically selected when compile or upload

  • Serial monitor

Serial port shows board name along with port name if board connected. On upload .ino file parsed and scanned for baudrate. When you open serial monitor, correct baudrate will be set.

  • You can set non standard Arduino IDE location via preferences
  • Modern IDE features

Quick edit, jump to function definition, function list in current file.



Searchable examples


Search and add libraries without IDE reload

IDE features

Code completion, compilation errors highlight in code

External programmer support

Bootloader burn

Additional hardware toolchain installation